Visit to Shanti Bhawan | Raipur | 2013

After a long 5 years of gap, MGOCSM Bhilai revisited their annual trip to Shanti Bhawan Ashram, Raipur to share some quality moments with the people who are living in the world away from their blood relations yet having their own small world sharing joy and happiness among each other.

The Ashram is run by the Missionaries Of Charity, serving as a shelter for the dying destitute and a place for taking care of abandoned children. Every member spent some quality time, sharing their happiness and laughter with them. It was a memorable trip for those who had come for the first time. Hope this journey of humanity, love and sharing teach us to be a better human being, sharing God’s words among all.

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MGOCSM, the oldest student organisation in Asia is the student wing of Indian Orthodox Church and it has grown as an international movement with about 1,500 units all over the world. Our utmost motto is 'Worship - Service - Study'.

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