Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM), the student wing of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (Indian Orthodox Church) originated in Madras as a fellowship of students and senior friends which opened its way to an annual Student Conference. It had its primary thoughts and origin at Madras and the first conference was held under the Patronage of Metropolitan Mar Dionysius (Pulikkottil) and presided over by the Very Rev. Fr.V.J Geevarghese Ramban (Saint Dionysius Vattasseril) at the Balikamadom Girl’s School, Tirumoolapuram, Tiruvalla from Jan 1-3,1908. The first committee consisted of M/s A.A. Paul, C.T. Varghese, K.J. Jacob, P.A. Abraham, E.J. Philipose, K.C. Chacko, C.O. Oommen and T.T. Mathew.
The next milestone came in 1960, when it was restructured and renamed as MGOCSM after Mar Gregorios of Parumala, its Patron Saint. The high ideals behind finding of the Movement included bringing together the Orthodox Christian students of different educational institutions into one body in order to get them rooted in Orthodox faith and traditions and to strengthen them in spiritual life and Christian fellowship.
The Movement has grown as an international one with about 1500 units all over the world. It has been maintaining inter-disciplinary contacts in the academic field for a long time by the formation of its wings. They are the high school, higher secondary, college-post college wings; University, higher secondary, high school teachers association, medical auxiliary, technical auxiliary, missionary forum, literary forum and publication wing.
The greatest contribution the Movement has made to the Church is that it has prepared and provided able and outstanding leaders for her service from time to time including late Metropolitan Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilos, Metropolitan Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios (Theologian & Former President, WCC), the late Shri C.M. Stephen (Former Union Cabinet Minister), Alexander Joseph and Dr. P.C. Alexander M.P. (Former Governor of Maharastra and Tamilnadu). The blessed name of our Patron Saint Saint Gregorios (Parumala), the great vision of Saint Saint Dionysius (Vattasseril), the prayerful patronage of holy fathers of the Church and the encouragement of elders have enabled the Movement to serve the Church and the student community at large.

Among major and eminent humans that MGOCSM Bhilai has produced to this date are: Rev. Fr. Sam Oommen, Rev. Fr. Sanju John, Rev. Fr. Reji C Varghese, Rev. Fr. Binu John Thomas, Mr. Mathew Cherian, Rev. Fr. Mathew Thomas and many more…

Three-fold aims:
»To deepen the spiritual life of the members.
»To prepare them to be responsible citizens in the Church and Society.
»To encourage them to commit themselves for sacrificial service in the Church and Society.

The Objects of the Movement shall be:
a)  To bring together the students of the Indian Orthodox Syrian Church with a view to deepening their spiritual lives and creating in them a deep sense of Christian fellowship.
b) To enable the members to bear witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every of life and to help the spread of the Gospel; and
c) To help its members and others to grow up as true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and loyal members of the Church.

The movement shall seek to promote these objects through its utmost motto:

1. Worship
The Movement shall encourage the spirit of worship and train the youth of the Church in private prayer as well as in corporate worship and shall endeavor to teach them the meaning of the liturgy and other forms of worship, by inculcating the habit of regular participation at the Holy Qurbana and arranging retreats and special days of prayer;
2. Study
The Movement shall organize study groups, lecture series, seminars, symposia and regional and annual conferences for the study of the Bible, History and Faith of the church and social concerns; and
3. Service
The movement shall foster the spirit of service among the youth of the church in total commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and his words: “Truly I say to you, as you did to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me” (Mathew 25:40).

“With God, everything is possible”. The unit meets every Sunday after the Holy Qurbana – a tradition that has been kept alive for the past several years.The sessions comprise of prayer, bible reading, devotional songs, classes/speeches, quizzes, personality development programs, games, entertainment programs etc.
MGOCSM helps students/ members to review, discuss the disturbing thoughts, and doubts they carry, enlighten through seminars and conferences etc.
These meetings are participated by the members with great enthusiasm.

The much awaited annual activity for us is the Christmas Carols. We go caroling for a period of weeks to the houses of all our Church members.

We also have the opportunity to participate in the annual conferences of the MGOCSM. This enables us to interact with the other MGOCSM unit members from the various corners of our country.

One important contribution of ours is by way of participation in the Church choir – much to the delight of the congregation.

The Emblem
mgocsm-bhilai-logoThe emblem contains the motto Worship, Study and Service. The cross symbolizes worship, the books stands for study and the light for service.



Bhilai City
Bhilai or Bhilai Nagar (Hindi:भिलाई) is a city in the Durg district of Chhattisgarh, India with a population of 753,837. The city is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) west of the capital Raipur on the main Howrah–Mumbai rail line, and National Highway 6. Bhilai is famous for Bhilai Steel Plant which is the largest of steel plant in India after Bokaro.
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