Feeding the Needy

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” –St. Mathew 25:35

Feeding the Needy

MGOCSM Bhilai the Youth Wing of MGO Cathedral conducted an event “Feeding the Needy” on 29th July, 2017. It was held across the streets of Bhilai-Durg, providing One-time meal to the homeless & the needy.
Near around 200 packets were distributed with a motive to feed the hungry who don’t get any help from others.
The event was accomplished under the guidance of V. Rev. Fr. Thomas Ramban and Rev. Fr. Josen John.
All members of MGOCSM Bhilai along with Assistant Vicar & some fellow Church members were been the part of this amazing & successful programme.


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MGOCSM, the oldest student organisation in Asia is the student wing of Indian Orthodox Church and it has grown as an international movement with about 1,500 units all over the world. Our utmost motto is 'Worship - Service - Study'.

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