Criteria For Winner Selection

  • Among all the entries, the Judging Panel will decide the Top-10 paintings from each group.
  • The Top-10 artworks will then be displayed on the MGOCSM Bhilai official website for public view and further voting.


  • The Artworks will be judged through scoring marks out of 100.
  • Scoring will be done on the basis of 2 grounds:
    1. Experts from our panel will weigh 70% marks for each painting.
    2. Top artwork pictures will be uploaded in our website link and the remaining 30% marks will be based on public opinion through Facebook LIKES. Each artwork page will have a Like button and a person will be able to like the button only when they’re logged into their Facebook accounts. So basically, ONE Like per account will be considered as ONE vote.
      • Highest number of LIKES will receive an auto-marking of 70 marks.
      • The marking number for each next consecutive LIKES for every participants will be given relatively on the basis of Top Likes.
        For Example:
        – Say, if Top Liked Participant XYZ, got 255 Likes for his/her artwork.
        The Marking through public opinion will automatically award him/her 30 marks to XYZ.
        – Say, if the next liked person is ABC, who has got 210 Likes, the marking will be calculated on the basis of below formula:
        Marks = [(210 x 30)/255] = 24.70 Marks
        – Say, if another liked participant is DEF, who has got 150 Likes, the marking will be calculated on the basis of below formula:
        Marks = [(150 x 30)/255] = 17.64 Marks
  • The final basis of award will be based on Total markings (70% Expert Panel marking + 30% Public Opinion through Facebook likes).
  • The decision of our governing body is final and firm. No objection can be raised post to competition and award.