10 Reasons Why Youths Get Distracted From Church

Distractions and temptations have always been an old hurdle between man and God and to things which connects them from their spiritual faith and youths are the ones who primarily gets affected with this. The Holy Bible, at the same time, instructs how to conquer those temptations in order to establish a strong relationship with the Almighty. Those who follows it, gets a balanced life. Others just gets distracted from their path, ends up losing control over everything and blame to God in return for every bad things happened with them.

Youths are more prone to the distractions and lot of things counts to it resulting in losing their bonding from their church and spiritual life. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Priorities


The main reason of getting drawing away from church and spiritual bonding is the Priority of keeping things in the daily life. For some, it may be mere a weekly activity on Sundays. But it has to be taken on a serious note as one of the crucial part of our lives. Church gives us the daily bread in the form of word of God and the strength to survive for the whole week.

When we start believing that it is one of the crucial element of our survival, we’ll start keeping it at near to top of our Priority-list, resulting in building interest in the same.

2. Studies & Career


In the race of scoring top grades, getting best coaching classes & colleges, running after the best career plans, and moreover, the pressure they get from their parents, they somewhere tend to lose their spiritual roots and get stuck in the web of studies and career building schedules. But every problem can be planned & sorted out. We can manage time for everything in our life if we plan things well.

Just like a Group-Study benefits them in learning new things and study better with their friends, they can also build up their spiritual life and learn a lot of things from their fellow friends like in a regular Youth meeting or a Workshop of a Conference.

3. Media & Technology


Everything comes with some Pros and Cons. Technological advancement has taken human beings to a very higher level. But at the same time, it’s also creating a huge gap between spiritual life, personal and materialistic world. Be it the Television Media or the latest trending Social media, youths nowadays are getting more and more addicted to it, involving in unfruitful and distracted elements, even involving in sinful activities.

But every cons can be converted into a pros and in fact, Social Media too can be utilized as one of the best mediums of creating awareness and to do some really fruitful activities inside and outside church.

4. Lack of Appreciation


Human-beings need continuous motivation, encouragement and appreciation. And this applies the most to the youths. They give their consistent efforts and contribution to the church and its activities but many times they lack proper appreciation for their efforts & contribution which lowers their morale to contribute more.

Church leaders should provide them a continuous flow of guidance, appreciation and encouragement and find our new talents, skills and capabilities which can help youths, church & other people in a positive way.

5. Absence of Support


Parents and church leaders play a crucial role in shaping a youth’s future by making them understand the value of church and spirituality in their life. Youths should get proper support in attending church, having a good prayerful life and a strong spiritual bonding with the Almighty. When they fail to provide that, it takes no time for youths to get backslid and deviated from their church.

When parents and church leaders are in full support with the youth, they can give their best in contributing to the church, learning new things and building a strong spiritual base.

6. Relationships


It’s the age of relationships, parties, infatuations, attractions, love-affairs, hang-outs, break-ups and getting involved with people with whom a youth can get involved too much, thereby disturbing their spiritual life and even their career. These companies could be a distraction and it can affect a youth’s life in various ways, if went into a wrong direction. Getting into relationship is not at all wrong, until it results in sacrificing one’s spiritual life, prayer time or church involvements.

A true friend/ companion are connected through spiritual bonding and they help each other in growing and building a strong spiritual life without allowing any reasons or causes to get either of their spiritual lives affected negatively or disturbed by any means.

7. Introverts


Some are so stuck to their monotonous daily routine life that they are not able to get out of it and do something fruitful or improving their way of living by doing some new stuffs which actually really helps them to make their life better or to have a spiritual life. Usually these kind of youths are either introvert or shy or are involved in studies excessively. Some also suffers from social phobia at an extent that they hesitate to meet people, but rather they keep themselves aloof, detached and isolated from the outside world.

Yes, they do exist and they need to be taken care of in right time by parents by noticing and observing their behaviors and lifestyles. They should be helped to overcome their weaknesses by continuously exposing them with people with a good fellowship in a gentle and smooth manner.

8. Disappointment


Youths are busy the whole week in some or the other activities of their life, be it their studies, or their family chores or anything else. Ultimately, they get settled at the end of the week and try to make themselves calm & relaxed and have some peace out of the daily rat-race, by going to the church. But some times they don’t get the quality environment where they could settle themselves and could release their negativeness. The reasons can be internal rivalries or cold wars with the fellow church members or the reasons can be anything which bothers them from inside and stop them to go to church.

8. Lack of Good Fellowship


Fellowship plays a major role in maintaining a Church’s unity and integrity. Just like some youths are good in making friends but some are not, similarly, some are good in building a quality fellowship, but some are not. A youth will get inspired if they get a good fellowship. They will earn good friends, learn new things, get new ideas, get help in knowing more and more about the God, church and having a good spiritual life. But if they are surrounded with people who are full of negativity, or people who make them distracted with unwanted elements, it’s sure that they won’t be getting any positive thing from the fellowship and ultimately they won’t find any good reason to mingle up with them through the church.

I have heard from someone, “Always remember the ABC of life; Avoid Bad Company.”

10. Ourselves


Among various needs of a human being, the greatest of them is the ‘Self-actualization’ need, which when one achieves, they start to understand and perceive things which are helpful, beneficial and needful to them to grow and develop.

When a youth understands the importance of the presence of Church & Spiritual life, they tend to make themselves more and more involved in it and assess & analyse themselves on a continuous basis in order to make sure that these aspects of their are benefiting them in the best possible way.



Youths are the most prone age-group who gets more distracted from their spiritual life. But at the same time, they are young bloods. So, if they utilize their zeal, enthusiasm & energy in a positive way, they will not only help themselves to become a good Christian, but they can also become a vital part in shaping the future of the whole humanity. Parents and church leaders stand in a responsible role here for them to keep an eye over their life, help them, support them, guide them and provide them which they are needed the most, with a touch of love, humanity, kindness and responsibility.

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